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Dave Hovey

Hours after completing his latest round of chemotherapy, 25-year-old Dave Hovey participated in GFC’s golf marathon. Joined by girlfriend Sarah Curry and friend John Cooney, they collectively played 175 holes in one day! To date, they’ve raised $132,000 from over 800 family and friends in a matter of weeks! Transcending his stage-four brain cancer diagnosis, Dave’s fighting spirit epitomizes our definition of hero.

WHO WE Support


Family Reach

GFC is excited to partner with Family Reach to fund a pilot program at Tufts Medical called ‘The Financial Treatment Project.’  Here, families of both pediatric and breast cancer patients are provided personalized financial navigation, grants, and education.  Sadly, cancer patients are 2.65X more likely to go bankrupt than people without cancer.  This initiative supports their whole financial health while fighting cancer. 

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